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Looking through your Google Drive trash is a trip. Like, I have a doc in there that just has the word "Fuzzy" on it. What was I planning to write? Only past me knows.

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I just lost steam on it. I didn't care too badly about it since it was just supposed to be a joke (although you could totally write a legit essay on that topic). I suppose I could just post what I had written in a separate post, though.

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honestly a person could write an essay on capitalism from that one episode about mr krabs looking for his first dime alone, nevermind the rest of the show

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bpfahahaha what stopped u from writing the rest of it??

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I getcha. For me I usually always named a doc if I put any amount of work into it (or was planning to), so most of my trashed docs have names. I still have to open the doc to see what the heck I actually wrote, though.

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i have like. an entire fleet of Untitled Documents and whenever i open up one o' those it's a spin between middle school past-life vent poetry, a random sentence i put in docs for whatever reason, or one of many stories i've worked on multiple times but never thought to name. i'm kinda scared of what lurks there bc i know somewhere in there theres a very vehement note to future me & im lowkey afraid its gonna jumpscare me with its pure 13yo rage

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