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@starrieskies commented: wait...was there a collab between mario and conker? o_o

Alright, so this is a story: technically yes but there's some complexities to it.

If you don't know, Rare used to be a company that developed the Donkey Kong series, the Banjo & Kazooie series and also, of course, Conker's Bad Fur Day. Way back before Rare was bought by Microsoft, Rare was creating the game Diddy Kong Racing, which was just a kart game that had a story to it. While Rare was creating this game, it was also developing Twelve Tales: Conker 64 that would have Conker in it, which, wait, that's not Bad Fur Day, though?

Conker's Bad Fur Day was originally supposed to be Twelve Tales, and Twelve Tales was originally supposed to be a kid-friendly game! In fact, Conker's first appearance (in a game of his own) was another game called Conker's Pocket Tales, which was for the Game Boy Color and was a game meant for kids that was supposed to build up an audience for Twelve Tales. You wanna know how else Rare tried to build an audience for Twelve Tales prior to Pocket Tales? By putting Conker in Diddy Kong Racing! Rare also put in Banjo for that sweet, sweet advertising.

Of course, as Twelve Tales was supposed to be a kid friendly game, Conker was presented differently in DKR. In fact, you can think of the DKR Conker as Conker as a kid, when he was told by his parents not to swear, be greedy, drink, etc. (I got this from the Conker wiki). More interesting is that Diddy and Conker are said to be friends in that game! Another thing to point out is that DKR had a remake for the DS that did not have Conker or Banjo, but this can easily be stated as a consequence of copyright issues since Microsoft had by then bought Rare and therefore the rights to Conker and Banjo.

Now you may be wondering why did Twelve Tales become Bad Fur Day, then? The closest answer we have is that Rare faced criticism for the game being yet another "kiddy platformer," as was common in the 64 days. So Rare did a 180 and gave us Bad Fur Day. It's a bewildering development tale, to say the least. Most of the info here about how Conker came to be in DKR was from the Beta64 video for Bad Fur Day, so if you're interested, give that a watch.

So Diddy Kong and Conker at one point had a collab, so the Mario series as a whole did so as well.

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No problem!

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OHHH that makes so much more sense!! i actually think i remember wondering why conker was in diddy kong racing when i was a kid.. thank you for explaining the premium behind-the-scenes Rare lore!!!

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