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Even though I mainly play Java Edition and I grew up watching Minecraft mod showcases, I have never actually downloaded and played a mod. I've considered using datapacks before but it's also just like... which one?

I have used texture/resource packs in the past, however (and still do). But nowadays it's for minor things (I have the Vanilla Tweaks enchantment glint, rainbow XP bar and rainbow enchantment symbols resource packs currently in use).

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Omg, I have NEVER met anyone else who watched Sky since I was in middle school! And yeah, that was the name of the series that Cupquake had! I watched a few episodes of it!

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I watched SkyDoesMinecraft as well! (Apparently he changed his channel's name to Sky Does Everything, interestingly enough.) I feel like I mainly watched DanTDM, though.

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I was the same sorta way growing up! I watched a lot of mod showcases from a Youtuber I used to watch named SkyDoesMinecraft, but to my surprise, I only ever tried one mod that I heard about from IHasCupquake:

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