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I'm jealous of the people who dream about being in their favorite video games, shows or whatever 'cuz I'm over here dreaming about taking a test and stressing out about it.

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im a lucid dreamer so i can have cool fun dreams often, but i STILL have school related stress dreams too lol. also i do get the occasional mundane dream too where nothing much happens. so sometimes i either dream of a cool thing where im in control or im like dreaming about going to bathroom but door wont close or something lmao.

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Good to know I'm not the only one with the school dreams, I guess.

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i may be the only person in my family who doesn't get exam nightmares after finishing school. i sometimes dream of going back to school for some reason but it's not stressfull. even though my school was stressful

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power move re: tags

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its been awhile since ive had a school related dream (where I was a student), but it is annoying that ive had them multiple times after graduating. I told my mom about one and she said she still gets dreams where she is late for an exam and I'm like oh thats BAD

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