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God I hope we can gaslight CSP exec into backpedaling and shitting out the biggest "woopsie sorry please forget everything we said before" apologies statement ever

Otherwise this is the most fucking sad and outraged late stage capitalism self-sabotaging I've ever seen


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what happened to clip studio paint?

Basically :

- They announced a CSP V2, yay !

- Except the V2 is subscription based like Adobe. You can buy a permanent license, but there won't be any new free updates like there was until now

- You either have to pay a monthly license to get the updates or a temporary yearly (?) Battlepass. If the battlepass expire you don't keep the updates but go back to the basic version (maybe even to 1.0, statement is not clear)

- And they already announced a CSP V3 coming later with a single permanent license and all the V2 updates (so why put out a V2 then ?) but it makes people think they will reuse the same shitty subscription plan between V3 and an eventual V4

- Current V1 will keep working fine but without any new tool or update beside bug fixes until the launch of V3. Then technical support will be dropped. We have no idea when this might be (late 2023 at the earliest, probably 2024 or later)

- CSP marketing relies a lot on word of mouth and the fact that its community loves its 1 time purchase and no greedy adobe-like monthly payment bullshit. So this feels like we've been backstabbed. The CSP official website and Twitter account are getting shit on in all the languages they support

- overall, we would all be happy to pay for a new one time purchase for an updated V2 or V3 with new features. After all CSP V1 is almost 10 years old. But the scummy and badly explained monthly plans feels like a slow descent into Adobe-like late stage capitalism and this taste like ashes, especially given the overall world seems to be rejecting digital artists lately (ai art, animated shows being nuked, increased predatory monthly payment from Adobe "industry standards" software)

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i am here for CSP getting bullied globally into retracting a stupid decision

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Basically :

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what happened to clip studio paint?

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