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(Drinking/alcohol mention in third bullet point)

  • Meta Knight is fluent in both what we'd call Spanish and English, with Spanish as his first language.
  • Luigi didn't really curse until he became friends with Solid Snake. Now Luigi will occasionally swear.
  • Peach and Isabelle sometimes have drinks together. Peach prefers champagne while Isabelle likes whiskey.
  • Meta Knight has a lot of Shy Guy fans. In fact, in the Mushroom/Mario 'verse, he has a dedicated fan club.
  • Mario was stuck in bed for a while due to his injuries from Ridley. Not because he was good about staying in one spot, but because everyone was very insistent he stay in bed.
  • Bowser: "Mario, don't make me punt you back into bed! Anyway, are you feeling better than you did yesterday?"
  • Luigi is the only Smasher who isn't from the Kirby 'verse who's seen Meta Knight without his mask. It was an accident.
  • Meta Knight maybe sorta kinda lowkey threatened Luigi afterwards to never tell a soul what his face looked like.