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Uquiz lyric question, except all the lyrics are from country songs rather than pop songs.


The question would go like this:

choose the lyrics you vibe most with!!

1) When I die / don't bury me /
In a box in a cemetary /
Out in the garden would be much better /
I could be pushing up homegrown tomatoes - Guy Clark

2) I wanna be that boy / I wanna be that girl / I wanna know what it's like to fall in love / like most of the rest of the world - Indigo Girls

3) They call me a drifter / they say I'm no good /
I'll never amount to a thing /
Well I may be a drifter / and I may be no good /
But there's joy in this song that I sing - Marty Robbins

4) So make your siren's call / And sing all you want / I will not hear what you have to say / ‘Cause I need freedom now / And I need to know how / To live my life as it's meant to be - Mumford & Sons

5) Just another coat of spit shine / Like you're the only one whose name is on the line / If it gets ugly would you even love me / If you only knew the wicked and the wild / Behind your golden child - Mercy Bell