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Analyzing Mario on the surface level: Hehe-hoo, happy jumpy wahoo man!

Analyzing Mario a little deeper, but without examining context, etc.: He's a sore loser, doesn't have a personality, and doesn't seem to care much about Luigi.

Analyzing Mario even deeper: He was just a carpenter who saw a person in need of help and was eventually called upon by a kingdom so desperate for help they turned to a plumber they heard saved a woman once. He went from being a standard John Doe to a hero everyone knows. People looked up to him and praised him, and asked for his help time and time again as their hero, and he felt compelled to answer their call, putting everyone else before him. Said praise understandably went to his head and made him feel bad whenever he lost a game because he was supposed to be the great Mario, hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, to the point he was even jealous that his brother won against him. But he does very much care for and love his brother, as Luigi does for him, as they have both had various opportunities to leave the other kidnapped or sealed in a painting. Perhaps Mario can be a bit blind at times to Luigi's feelings, but he has made a legitimate effort to include Luigi more in his adventures and rely on him more rather than taking on the onus solely by himself.

Analyzing Mario at the deepest possible level: Hehe-hoo, happy jumpy wahoo man!

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sorry ive been dead for the past few days im what the kids call super tired