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Steve: I'll dig a staircase down into this ravine and bridge when appropriate until I'm at the bottom of the ravine.

Alex: *jumps from surface level and lands into a single water source* POG.

Herobrine: *is already in the ravine and is watching lava flow*

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the herobrine account currently looks like this!!! hell yhea

This reads suspiciously like Herobrine trying to convince me he doesn't exist.

[Pic ID: A screenshot of Herobrine's article from the Minecraft Wiki. The text reads,

"Herobrine is not in unmodded Minecraft, and never was.

There are no references to him at all in the source code, and there is no code to allow any entity to act like Herobrine. There is no level terrain code to generate 2 by 2 tunnels or elaborate dungeons with traps.

There is no possible way Herobrine can ever exist in any unmodded clients or servers. Any claims that he is in Minecraft are completely false. Any appearances he may have are caused by either mods being installed or because of another player using the skin.

All signs of Herobrine, like trees with no leaves, random glowstone towers, suspicious messages on signs, etc. are either placed by another player to mislead other players, or are generated through third-party mods." End ID.]

Glowing Stars And White Eyes

i took an hour to make this and im so proud of it yall have no idea