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supermario -

I want to improve my crop farms aesthetically, but I also have no idea what to do with it.

supermario -

Okay, came up with an idea: a hill of sorts with tiers with the bottom tier the netherwart and the highest tier the chorus fruit farm.

I'll want to make imperfectly shaped farms for the aesthetic aspect, so chances are they won't be as highly yielding as they were before, but they don't need to be. Plus, if I'm really in need, I can just go to some random place away from my base and make farms there.

autiestella -

oooo stella like make small farms right infront of/around house! obv not approach work for evry case (prob not even this, now that thinking abt it) but think is super cute

some images below though most not real screencap cause talking abt super old builds

like this current one - built house in funky shape first, filled empty space w farm!

think FAV approach was when built house on big lake - again this build old so not got screencap, but was smth like this:

each farm was on own lil island in water - not super big or high gain, but decent enough for just normal survival stuff - & had lil cobble step stones between em! (ofcourse could also just swim, but :P)
this maybe more dangerous nowdays w some of aquatic updates, but still lov concept

in DIFRENT house stella built on lake, did smth like this!:

bridge feature small walkway, lead down into crop area - even smaller than before, p much only suit one MAYBE two crop, but! could expand this all round house if wanted & do fancier stuff, if on big enough lake xP

also do think super cute work crops into just normal garden shapes - this least practical, but think could be fun way liven up even a nether house, if you happen to be type person who make one :D
if stella NEED more volume of stuff, then just start go underground instead! then atleast got both pretty AND useful options >:3c

supermario -

Those are some really interesting ideas––I really like the islands of crops!

I eventually need to work on the village next to/is in my base, so I'll probably put little farms around them like what you did to help liven it up.

supermario -

I want to improve my crop farms aesthetically, but I also have no idea what to do with it.

supermario -

Okay, came up with an idea: a hill of sorts with tiers with the bottom tier the netherwart and the highest tier the chorus fruit farm.

I'll want to make imperfectly shaped farms for the aesthetic aspect, so chances are they won't be as highly yielding as they were before, but they don't need to be. Plus, if I'm really in need, I can just go to some random place away from my base and make farms there.

A Big World Out There

[I had said it over on my main blog here that I've been struggling a lot with backgrounds as of late in my Minecraft art. I had seen an old friend of mine do this, but I've decided to use Minecraft screenshots I take as backgrounds! :D

Here's something I did of Celina, Steve, and Brine as a test for it!

I wonder what Celina's talking about? :0c]

kinghelios33 -

Here's what I did after I got a couple of replies to my musing earlier! I think it actually looks really nice!

Enjoy my shoddy video-taking! I'd say that, at least for now, this build is done.

Thanks to @beefox and @autiestella for the ideas I used in this build!

Not exactly done yet, but getting close...

The idea of this build is to make it seem like the End is leaking through the portal. Once 1.17 hits (and if I decide to keep the world), I'll most likely go back and add the skulk things to this build.

Any suggestions?

[Pic ID: Four screenshots of a Minecraft build. A conical hole has been eroded away, leaving bits of endstone and purple and black residue (purple and black concrete) in its wake. The further down into the hole one goes, the frequency of the endstone and residue increases, until one reaches the End portal at the end of it. The black and purple residue surrounds the portal, and appears as if it originates from the portal. End ID.]

low-res steve... he is just littol man

go wild!!!

I have finally cleared all of the mountain... it took... so long...

Now to get to the actual build.

[Pic ID: A screenshot of Minecraft. Red concrete powder outlines a hole in the ground. A stone mountain surrounds the hole. End ID.]

Pretty Dress

[I found a really cute dress online and decided to draw Brine in it. He loves his dresses.]

Steve: I'll dig a staircase down into this ravine and bridge when appropriate until I'm at the bottom of the ravine.

Alex: *jumps from surface level and lands into a single water source* POG.

Herobrine: *is already in the ravine and is watching lava flow*

Minecraft Human headcanons

Transcribed text for the Legend:

The Legend of the Golem
Long ago, the Illagers and the Villagers lived in peace, sharing their villages and resources with one another.
Illagers, with the power of magic, could easily protect the villages from harm. They had access to arcane knowledge, powers from dimensions beyond their own.
However, the Villagers felt they were at the mercy of the Illagers and began to fear their strange powers. Illagers were the judge, jury and executioner of outsiders, but what if they decided to turn on the insiders?
See, the Villagers didn't have magic powers, but they had the power to create. Gathering their best ironsmiths, scholars and historians, they learned from civilizations past and made their very own automaton, a being that could not be affected by the Illagers' magic and would defend the villagers against any threat.
The Illagers, feeling betrayed at this sudden lack of trust from the Villagers, grew bitter.
Tensions only rose until the Illagers attacked the villages.
Believing they would outnumber and outperform the Villagers, they thought it'd be an easy fight.
However, the automatons fought valiantly, without fear. They were resilient, strongly built, and the Illagers were no match.
In the end, the Illagers retreated in the darkest of woods and built mansions, to ensure that their existence would not be disturbed. As time went on, they grew bolder and began building towers to observe nearby villages. They even began alchemizing creatures of their own to fight against the automatons.
Rivalries still live on to this day.

One half of the mountain... done...

(So far in the course of this project, I've lost an enchanted Netherite sword in a way I didn't even know was possible.)

[Pic ID: A screenshot of Minecraft. Half of a mountain hangs over a hole outlined by red concrete powder. The other half of the mountain has been dug out. End ID.]

OK, more updates :D

1. ALL tools this time, stella ... forgot netherite exist now xP
2. fixed hotbar + offhand slot, food icons, hearts...
3. crafting bench + books in inventory
4. sand & sandstone variants! from bottom to top: normal, chiselled, cut, smooth

things stella want change:
1. hearts look too pointy . more like shields than hearts :(
2. doors! want circle windows! >:O
3. sugarcane (not pictured anywhere yet) is TOO green.
4. gui arrows cute, but think not fit the look...

Accidentally dropped my enchanted Netherite sword into the portal in the End, lmaaoooo.

I love seeing the little build things people do in Minecraft, like random stone buttons on the ground as rocks, a mushroom block on a birch fence as a tall mushroom, block variation in general, etc.

A collection of screenshots

(Please don't use them without asking first!)

Happy Family

[I was feeling down last night, so I drew Bloompuff Helios, my fiancee's Bloompuff persona, Angel, and their daughter, Daisy. She's technically our daughter since she's the child of our Bloompuff personas, and I love her very much.

So here they are on a walk. I love them.]

Minecraft OCs? In 2020? It's likelier than you think.

(Under a cut because this is gonna be long...)

(Warnings: a lot of talk of death in... actually, all of the OCs backstories. Oops.)


Merelda was a pillager stationed at an outpost in a plain, with a village not too far away. One day, an evoker captain from a different illager group came to discuss the establishment of some trade lines with the pillager captain of Merelda's group. Merelda was ordered to keep guard outside the evoker's room for added security. The evoker, however, invited her in the room where they chatted and ate.

During the idle chitchat, some unknown individual summoned a Wither outside the outpost. Although the pillagers responded quickly, none of them were prepared for such a powerful being. Merelda and the evoker were forced to flee the room to the outside, where the destruction of the Wither became more apparent.

For a reason Merelda still doesn't understand, the evoker gave her his most valuable possesion, the Totem of Undying, and told her to run before summoning his vexes. Merelda refused at first and joined in the fight, but once the evoker fell in battle and the Wither began to focus on her, she realized there was no winning and ran.

The Wither trailed after her for a while but eventually lost track of her. During the chase, Merelda technically died once to the withering effect, but the Totem brought her back to life. Thoroughly exhausted, she collapsed in an oak forest.

She was eventually found by the librarian of a nearby village. The librarian took her back to the village, and with the help of the cleric, Merelda was healed back up. Once she was conscious and cognizant of where she was, Merelda fled the village and ran back to the outpost, deep in denial over what happened. She was greeted only by the burning remains of an outpost, with wither roses dispersed about the grass.

Not knowing what to do and unsure if she could face the illagers back at the woodland mansion, Merelda returned to the village in order to pay back the debt she felt she owed to them for taking her in and healing her when they could've left her for dead. She took up the work of a farmer, and, although her intentions were to stay at the village only long enough to pay back her debt, she found a home at the village when she felt she never would again after the Wither tragedy. Now, she lives the simple life of a farmer, helping to watch over the kid of the librarian, who Merelda has become closer with over the years.

Unbeknown to Merelda, the Wither perished later on thanks to a gradually damaging hex laid upon it by the evoker moments before he died.


Although she can't remember it, Ende used to live in an acacia village. One night, a zombie seige overtook the village and left no survivors––save for the villagers who turned into zombies themselves, Ende included.

There is no telling for how long Ende roamed the world as a zombie, prowling for villagers and hiding away in caves to escape the sunlight. One day, Ende stumbled upon a plains village and attempted to break down one of the doors of a house, only to get captured by the village's Iron Golem. The village's cleric and her apprentice soon arrived to the scene and were quick to cure Ende.

Ende's long period of time as a zombie left her very dazed and weak for a long time. During her recuperation, she had to relearn many things, such as how to speak, read and write. She gradually came to fall in love with books due to the knowledge they contained.

She eventually took on the job of a librarian, and had a kid named Laz with the cleric (who died shortly after, with her apprentice stepping up as the village's new cleric). Ende dearly loves Laz, and wants nothing but the best for them.

One day during a walk in the nearby woods of the village, Ende stumbled upon an unconscious illager, lying on the grass. Although Ende struggled with what to do, she eventually settled on bringing the illager back to the village to the cleric. Although hesitant, the cleric claimed it was their duty to help anyone who needed it, and healed the illager.

The illager fled the village only to return fairly soon after with the claim that she would work for the village as thanks. Ende gradually warmed up to the illager, and now the two are very close.

Because of Ende's time as a zombie, she has a noticeable limp to her gait, has to wear glasses in order to see and has frequent bouts of insomnia.


Steel was the vindicator older sibling to an evoker named Flint. She and her sibling were very close and were both captains, and often discussed their plans with each other.

One day when they were planning to both visit another illager group's outpost, several ravager cubs broke loose and ran off into the nearby dark oak forest. Steel elected to stay and help recapture the cubs while Flint would have the talks by himself, as he had always been the calmer and better talker of the two.

Days passed and Steel became very worried. She was ready to leave the mansion and investigate when a pillager from the other illager group came and explained how the outpost had been inexplicably attacked by what looked to be a Wither, with no survivors to be found.

Steel was at first devastated, but anger soon followed. She now yearns for closure through vengeance, knowing her sibling's death had been intentional––Flint always had his Totem on hand, after all.

Made a 10-by-10 square around the portal and dug down. Still have to deal with the surrounding mountain. The hole to the portal won't be so neat as it is here, of course; this is essentially an outline to help with building and mining.

(I promise later on I will terraform and make the remaining mountain blend in more naturally to this build.)

[Pic ID: A screenshot of Minecraft. Red concrete powder outlines a descending square staircase down to a hole. Pieces of mountain float hapharzardly over the hole. End ID.]

Saw this splash text just as I was about to close the game. I believe it was added in the most recent update, 1.16.4.

[Pic ID: A screenshot of the title screen from Minecraft: Java Edition. The yellow splash text reads, "Amplify and listen to BIPOC voices!" End ID.]

Joseph Reference

[Here's Joseph! He's the ruler of the kingdom Cerulean and Viridia live in!]

"I will rule with a kind hand and great mercy. My people are my family, and I will protect them."

Basic Info

Name: Joseph Flortian
Nicknames: His Highness, His Majesty, His Royalness
Age: 21
Birthday: September 1st
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Panromantic, Asexual
Height: 6'0" | 183 cm
Species: Human
Job: Ruler of the Rose Kingdom

Powers: Can manipulate roses and their plants to his will and can heal flowers.


Likes: Red, fancy clothes, flower crowns, crayons, and rainy days.
Dislikes: Really hot weather, being told to stay inside, and being without his flower eye patch.

Personality: When you meet Joseph, he's a very quiet and calm person, very soft-spoken. He's always keeping himself together and won't panic unless something is truly wrong. He's the kind of person to observe your movements and tone and decide if he can trust you. He cares greatly for his people, being a kind and merciful person when they need him. He's also a big sweetheart and will give to those who need money or homes or something to help them get back on their feet.
Joseph, despite his calmness, can doubt himself at times, wondering if he truly made a good choice in royal matters. Of course, he has a companion to consult on these matters, but still tends to wonder. He can be childish and pout when his court tries to get him to do royal tasks or things he doesn't enjoy. However, he knows they have to get done sometime. Joseph is truly trying to help his people and be the best ruler he can be. He just needs to trust others and himself more.

History: Born in the Rose Kingdom's royal family, Joseph was unexpected but loved nonetheless. He had to take the throne very young, as his father was killed in a battle and his mother disappeared after his death. Joseph had a hard time learning the magic all his people knew, and almost gave up his throne to one of his court members. However, there was a day when a girl from another world called Aermerea came to him. An AmoraPuff going by the name Cascade. She knew of his plight and helped him regain his confidence and learn his magic. He now rules the Rose Kingdom and wouldn't trade this life for anything.


-Joseph is rarely seen without the flower patch over his eye.
-Joseph plans to give the throne to an adopted child someday, not wanting to have a biological child.
-Joseph has a crush on Cascade, his AmoraPuff.
-Joseph's favorite colors are red and gold, hence his outfit colors.
-Joseph loves sweets.

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Halloween drawings from this year both include minecrafters because... reasons.
Spaceman one is ThomasToSpace, my friend and a really cool dude. He streams on twitch and also makes videos on YT, go follow him!
Second is 2 youtubers who play on Truly Bedrock SMP - Lyarrah and Tizztom, watch them, they're cool.

An improvement on the ruined enchantment site I showed off a bit ago (I needed a place to store and sort enchantment books).

[Pic ID: Four screenshots of the same build in Minecraft from different angles. An enchantment table sits in the middle of what appears to be the stone brick ruins of an old tower. Bookshelves encircle the table, and lapis lazuli and gold blocks pepper the ruins. Blackstone makes up the floor and eventually is overtaken by grass. A staircase leads to a crumbling second floor with more bookshelves. End ID.]

I just had a revelation:

Steve and Meta Knight would totally talk about swords for hours.