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naiad -

Littleton Colorado Farm & Museum

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Finished gift for my sister! Features a mockingbird and three white azalea flowers.

I think sheep are the most fun to paint

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Anne at the Lake of Shining Waters - Digital Oil Painting

A tribute to one of my favorite book and movie series growing up, I had a lot of fun playing with different brushes for this piece.

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Feeling: Everything

When she can feel the Earth frolic and it's inhabitants sing 🥰🥰

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Commission for @treetop

commission price: $11 aud
turnaround: one and a half hours

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Some more redraws of soulstone variations, for the website :)

Old vers:

synthesystem -

Sometimes, we sit in our yard, and we stop.

We take a moment to listen.

To be.

We take a moment of our vast time and we use it to see.

We look up and see a bird in a tree.

A squirrel buries a nut before running away from me.

The clouds roll by.

The sky feels a little less high.

And we stand up and begin again.

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naiad -

Littleton Colorado Farm & Museum

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pretty rainy grass!

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wraak -

iPad sketch and lazy coloring.

people on here seem to like Helnu so ehh

some recent photos, these ones havent been edited (i usually just color-correct my pics a bit)

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Tried my hand at sub pixel animation. Made a flower moving in the wind

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eee lovelove!

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Como Park Zoo & Conservatory

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